Export route and stops to KML or Shapefile

08-01-2012 03:57 PM
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Hello Network Analyst Users,

How do I export a route and its associated stops to KML and/or Shapefile?


Lastly, I also need the symbology, that is the stops points have a special symbol which shows the delivery order and I would like to display this in Google Earth.


Jeff Jensen
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The Route sub-layer of a route analysis layer is a feature layer. You can simply right-click it in the TOC and choose Data and then Export Data to write to shape file. Alternatively you can use a GP function Feature Class To Shapefile and similarly you can export to KML by using the Layer To KML tool.
For symbology, you can use the Map To KML tool to export a map document that contains both the geometry and symbology as well.

Jay Sandhu
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