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12-16-2010 10:23 AM
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As ESRI provides a DVD of USA street map (comes in ESRI Data & Maps Media Kit), I was wondering about the road attributes available with the map. Does it have only name and length of the street or there are other attributes too?

I apologize if my post is in a wrong section.

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For detailed information on Esri Data & Maps product, please visit website, and review Esri Data & Maps 10 white paper,

US and Canada Detailed Streets: attributes include left/right and to/from addresses; prefix direction, prefix type, name, street type, suffix direction, name type, name function, full name, name direction, and street name language code with up to five alternates of these ten attributes; and highway shield and number, classification codes, toll, travel speed, direction, time zone, postal code, city, state/province, and country.

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