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ERROR: The range of positions is invalid for this operation

05-30-2012 02:30 PM
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I am running a "New Route" for network analyst. All the address data comes from the same geodatabase feature class. I definition query just the addresses I want and then exported them into the geodatabase. I have created a stop point for each of the addresses so I can run a round-trip best route.

For some reason, this batch of data won't process and I get the following error (highlighted). I don't understand what it means. I can't determine from the data what is different from the other points with which I made other feature classes from the same data set, but the New Route created from these others worked just fine.



Warning: No route for "40402012-Apr-040.887534722222222" from location "Location 1194" to location "Location 1195".
Warning: No route for "40402012-Apr-050.523391203703704" from location "Location 1233" to location "Location 1234".
Error: The range of positions is invalid for this operation.
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Hello, Margaret!

My apologies for the cryptic error message.  This is a fairly low level message that could come from a number of places.  Are you using barriers in your analysis?  This string usually comes from an invalid value in the range of positions along an edge for a barrier.

If you are using barriers, we'll track down exactly what the problem is and fix it.  If not, we can start to look elsewhere.
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Thank you for responding.  I am not using barriers.  When I build the network, I am only using using the right turn option, census road data - vertex selection. no elevation, and no directions.  At first I thought it had to do with projection, but I checked that over and over.  What type of values am I to look for that are not in the range of positions. I have no clude as to what "range of positions" represents.

I have had to break the data down by areas to run the new routes, and the one's I could not get to work, I just let be.  I was planning on breaking those addresses down further hoping to see which address is giving the problem.

Any suggestions?

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Margaret-  when you mention addresses, how are these portrayed? As a point feature class?  My guess is one of them is goofing on you and is one of those weird outliers you get from time to time; I can remember being  provided points of Lat/Long projection that were water wells in Utah.  One of them lined up in Greenland...

If my hunch is correct, you should be able to add the points along with your network and then zoom to the extent of the points.  That should show you where the outlier is.

Hope this helps-
That should just about do it....
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