Ensuring line features connect - "No Gaps" equivalent rule for line features

06-03-2011 05:48 AM
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I am working on running a network analysis for evacuation routes within a multi-story building. I have a bunch of line features that represent paths for people to walk to nearest exits and I want to ensure connectivity to run the network analysis. When I created the line features, I know that they snapped to endpoints and to midpoints of the lines. However, because it has to look somewhat aesthetically pleasing, I had to use the fillet tool from the advanced editing toolbar to round out edges.

The problem I encountered is the fillet tool would round-out corners but in cases where there was a "T" intersection and I had to fillet two lines that came to the "T", I would lose connectivity.

I ran a topology to insure intersections did connect using the Must Not Intersect Or Touch Interior rule but I could never quite get all the smaller gaps (we're talking less than a foot, sometimes a few inches) out. It's come down to me checking all the intersections by hand and this is extremely frustrating and time-consuming.

Is there any topology rule, tool from the toolbox, script, or something else that can make sure I have 100% connectivity? Could the fillet tool have an affect on the topology rule? Something else?


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Hi Jake,

Have you tried the Integrate GP tool (Data Management)?

If you decide to use it, make sure you back up your data first, since this tool modifies the input data. Also, make the tolerance as small as possible so that the tool doesn't get overzealous and adjust lines that are far apart.

Note: Although you can add multiple feature classes as input, you only need to add just one--your line feature class.

I hope this works for you.
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Does this work with Version 10.2?  If not,  how would I be able to do this in the latest version of ArcView?
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