08-17-2015 07:04 PM
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I need help with how I have to make a street profile table?

How to get DTF files?

I don't know how I have to get the data to make a street profile table?

please please someone help me.

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Esri Contributor

Hello!  I'm happy to try and help.  Your questions are a bit vague, so perhaps we can start by getting some specifics.

What exactly are your trying to do?  Is your goal to apply real-time traffic to a network dataset?  If so:

  • Is this your own network data or data you purchased? 
  • What format is the network data in?
  • Are you purchasing real-time traffic or is this from an internal organization?
  • If purchasing, who are you purchasing it from?

Or are you trying to set up your own historical traffic?

What platform are your working on?  Windows, linux? 

What software are you working with?  Server, Desktop, Runtime, ArcObjects, Pro?

What version of the software are you working with?  10.0?  10.3.1?

Any other details you have would be great to hear.

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