DTF data to historic data (profile)

06-18-2021 12:50 AM
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Hello. I am investigating the Network Analyst function in ArcMap.

I have built a Network Dataset and generated DLF file every 15 minutes. However, I found that the network on the screen freeze if I didn't enable time slide.

I figure out that

F1. the network screen will update if I rebuild the network or reopen ArcMap.

F2. The network screen mainly depend on "Historic Traffic: Profiles Table".

F3. However, "Historic Traffic: Profiles Table" does not update with my DLF file record.



Q1. Is it possible that for point F3, "Historic Traffic: Profiles Table" can be updated with loading DLF file?

Q2. When the latest DLF file is added to Folder\v1 and if my time slider already opened, it seem that it would load the latest DLF to the current time point so latest network view is not available.

How can always view the latest network in Arcmap with scheduled downloading traffic file enabled?

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