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01-30-2012 10:49 PM
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Good Day friends,

I need your help in the following task:

Available data: street network and civil defense locations
Software: ArcGIS 10

From civil defense location I want to drive 4 km (or drive 10 min) in all directions and select these paths.

Can I do that using Network Analysis ?

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You can achieve this with the Service Area solver with the Lines option. So create a new service area layer, and bring up the properties of the service area layer. On the polygon tab, turn off Generate polygons and then on the Lines tab, turn on Generate Lines. Then on the Analysis tab, choose your impedance as lenght or time and set the break value to 4 km or 10 minutes as needed. Close the properties. Now add you facility and solve. You will get all the lines that can be reached within the specified break value.

More on service area here:

Jay Sandhu
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Fantastic...Thanks Jay
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