Drivetime in OD Cost Matrix

01-22-2013 03:02 AM
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I have a strange problem with the drivetime attribute from an OD Cost Matrix in ArcGIS 10. The analysis solves without problems, but the calculated drivetime attribute in Routes seems to be based on the length of the lines used to symbolize the routes, not the length of the streets. If I recalculate the length of the street segments (in the Routes layer), I can also recalculate the drivetime. However, I need to do my analysis for 47 cities separately in model builder and want to avoid manual work.... I have used a sample of my origin and destination points with the Closest facility and the Service area (with lines) solvers to check for errors on the network but they solve the routes just fine with correct drivetimes.

Any ideas on how to fix the drivetime calculation in routes? Perhaps it is a performance issue? I have 741 destinations and 280 origins. When I only solve the routes between the origins and destinations that are causing the problem it works fine, with correct drivetimes...

Edit: For anyone interested, I identified the problem as related to the origins not being properly calculated by the Calculate locations tool. It seems to work now.

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