Does INASolver Solve method supports mutithreading

06-04-2014 11:08 PM
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I need to know does INASolver Solve method supports multi-threading.
Because when I implemented in my code to call Solve method in multiple treads for solving more than 1000 locations its taking more time than regular solve using 4-threads.
Regular solve is taking ->45 mins
multithreading using 4 threads consuming --> 52 mins

It looks to me INASolver-->Solve() method does synchronization of threads (observed by keeping logging.)

Eg: Thread call are like:

Before solve thread 3 called
Before solve thread 2 called
Before solve thread 1 called
Before solve thread 4 called

After Solve method:
After solve thread 4 called
After solve thread 1 called
After solve thread 2 called
After solve thread 3 called
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