Distance from residence to work for 7000 participants

10-12-2010 01:55 PM
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Dear colleagues,
I have for each of 7000 people their residential address and their workplace address.
I only want to compute for each individual the network distance from his residence to his workplace.

I only have the Network Analyst with ArcInfo, no other additional software.

I don't want to determine the distance to the closest workplace, but for each person the distance to HIS OWN workplace.

Could anyone tell me how to do that with the network analyst?

Best regards,
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Since you need to solve paths between pairs of addresses, you can use the Route Analysis layer to accomplish that. You can either load each pair and solve OR you can load all pairs but use the ROUTENAME property to match the pairs and then solve. You can read more on the routename at:

Basically when you load the start and end addresses in as stops, give them a common ID. That way the route solver will know which stop pairs with which stop. Load the residential addresses first and then load the work place addresses that way the paths are computed from residence to work.

Jay Sandhu
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