Directions Window button is greyed out

10-02-2010 01:47 PM
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Can anyone explain why the Directions Window button on the Network Analyst toolbar is greyed out?  I need to view the Directions Window. 

I created a new route and loaded locations from a file.  There were seven locations, then I clicked Solve, and it showed me the route.  But I can't view the Directions Window because the Directions Window button is greyed out.

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Esri Regular Contributor
The directions button can be grayed out after solving a route if the underlying network dataset does not have any street name information defined. So bring up the properties of your network dataset and click on the directions tab to see if any field has been defined for street names. If not, you will have to set that and then re-do you route layer, solve and then directions should be fine.
Jay Sandhu
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