Different results in shortest path

03-02-2011 10:57 PM
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I've been doing some analysis with my ND and there si a point I can't understand. I work with a field cost drive_time, where it stores the time spent to cross a segment. The first analysis was made only through this field and the results where OK.
The second analysis was made through the same field but stablishing Start time and Finish time (windows time activated), so I would like to know how many stops are before the finish time.
The results are different from the first analysis. It takes a different route in both cases and I don't understand why.
Thanks for any help.
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Are you specifing start/end time on stops?
According to help at:

"A route solver attempts to find the least-cost route through a series of stops while respecting chosen restrictions on the network and honoring all time windows. If time window violations are inevitable, the solver attempts to minimize the total violation time."

So the objective of the route solver changes and you may get different paths.

OR are you setting a start time for the route to start at and your network dataset supports historical time information and that will be used to solve the route and the impedances may be different from the default travel times and result in different paths.

Jay Sandhu
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