Destination value summation

04-16-2012 07:11 AM
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I have a feature class of destinations with a value field.  I would like to run an analysis that stops when the sum of the values of the identified features reaches a certain target.  Can I perform this type of analysis with NA?  I have some python experience but not enough to start from scratch if that's what's required.  Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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Hello Paul,

It sounds like you want to solve a capacitated allocation problem. The following tool should do what you want:

Otherwise, you could sign up for the Beta program and use the new Maximize Capacitated Coverage problem type for the location-allocation solver. Since you're not locating facilities and allocating demand to facilities, rather, you're simply allocating demand to current (that is, "required") facilities, you would set the Facilities to Choose property to match the number of required facilities in your analysis. (If you were also locating new facilities, this parameter would be higher to choose the best candidate facilities.)

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