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04-09-2013 09:37 AM
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I am wondering what the best site to download an "All Roads" data set would be for a county that has nodes, and other attribute data that I can use to build a network dataset? I have download an all roads for the county from, but it literally only gives the street names and no other data and does not have nodes or anything indicating connections? Any thoughts for good data for network analyst would be great!

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Have you tried the county GIS people?  Local sources are often times the best sources.  Don't count on getting a feature class that is 100% perfect for your needs.  Unless you are willing to pay for it.
That should just about do it....
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Have you looked at using the free streetmap data that comes with ArcGIS and is available for routing out for the entire country?
It is on the data and maps dvd that comes with ArcGIS. You can also search for the open source street data to see if they have anything for the area you are looking for.
Jay Sandhu
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I agree with Joe and Jay. Check with locals and the Esri data that comes with ArcGIS. Some thoughts on data sources for Network Analyst are outlined in another post here: I guess you would need to get started with data preparation to build the network dataset? I recommend going through this tutorial(by far, the quickest and most effective tutorial on data preparation for NA).

Just in case you would like to check the OpenStreetMap data for using in your routing application, try WeoGeo market for downloading the OSM Planet data (you can clip the data to your county boundaries). I use this data very often and find it to be of good quality for some of my work.
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