Creating routes between a feature class of workplaces and a feature class of homes.

06-13-2021 04:14 PM
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Hello everyone,

I’m very new to all of this so my apologies if there is a very obvious answer to this.

So I have a table that includes people, their home addresses, their work addresses, and some other info relevant to the project. From this I created two feature classes, one with points for everyone’s house and one with points for everyone’s workplace. Now, I want to display the routes between everybody’s house and their workplace.

I’m struggling with figuring out the best way to create these routes. I know that I could use closest facility and import the matching house/workplace as incidents/facilities, but I think that I would then have to create separate layers for each persons commute for it to work properly.

Is there any way that I could import all of the points and create routes between the matching ones? For example, a route would be drawn between house 1 and workplace 1, house 2 and workplace 2, etc. I want all of the routes to be in the same layer so that I can apply a graduated symbology to them.

Thank you very much!

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Yes it is possible and quite easy to do as long as you have a common ID between the two feature classes to indicate which point goes to which point. If they are in the same order then the feature ID should work.

Are you using ArcGIS Pro? If yes, create a Route analysis layer (not Closest Facility). Load your house feature class AND make sure to map the ROUTENAME property to common ID. Then load the work feature class and set the same ROUTENAME property to the common ID from the work feature class. Now solve the route layer. You will get one route per common ID. So if you loaded ten pairs of home/work points, you will get ten output routes.

You can read more about the ROUTENAME here: Route analysis layer—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Jay Sandhu

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