Creating monthly schedule with VRP?

05-28-2012 12:00 PM
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Hi folks,

I am trying to solve an analysis with VRP and have run into problems.

I have 1 vehicle that needs to visit about 40 orders, return to a central facility to disload, reload at the facility, go to the next stop and so on. Some of the stops need to be visited every day, others every other day, every third day and so on. I need to create a monthly schedule for this but don???t know how to achieve this?

Can anyone help me bring some light on this?

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Hi Stefan,

You are solving the periodic vehicle routing problem. Unfortunately, the current solver does not support it. I have come up with a workaround for a similar problem before (see the attachment). In that case, some orders need to be visited every 2 weeks or every 3 weeks. The user wants to split the service territory into equal demand service areas and then run VRP on each service area independently. You might figure out a solution for your problem based on that workaround.


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