Creating/building ND - file read/write error

09-01-2010 06:04 PM
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I am using network analyst for the first time (as a student). I am trying to build a network dataset. After going through and completing the wizard via ArcCatalog, it says 'the network dataset has been created. Would you like to build it now?', so I click yes, then I get the error 'Build Network Dataset failed. File read/write error occurred. System junction source does not exist.' If i right click on the created ND and choose 'Build' after this I get the error 'file read/write error occurred'.  I have sent the original data to my lecturer who has managed to create and build the ND OK, following the steps I have used, so it is some kind of issue with my computer.  I have a new computer running Windows with 8gb RAM, and running ArcGIS 9.3 and as far as I know I have full permissions etc. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Update: I found an ESRI page which mentioned a similar issue when running this on a computer with over 3gb RAM. The solution involved editing the registry to minimise the amount of RAM used for the process. So I followed this. Still got the same error when creating the ND.

Update: I found and installed SP1 and everything seems to be working OK now. Phew.
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What SP1 did you install?  ArcDesktop or Windows??

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