Creating a point based on distance from intersection

04-11-2012 12:16 PM
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I have collision data I want to create from the California Highway Patrol Database SWITRs. In the database they have the closest intersection and the distance and direction from the intersection in which the collision occurred. We've typically geocoded the point to the nearest intersection for high level planning projects. I'd like to know if there is a simple way to create the point at it's exact location based on distance and direction for more detailed planning projects. Thanks.
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You can get what you're looking for with a three-step process.

1. Geocode the records to the nearest intersection.

2. Use the Bearing Distance to Line tool with the output of step 1.

3. Use the Feature Vertices to Points tool on the line which you created in step 2.  Specify "END" as the point location.

You'll get a point feature class as an output with points that reside in the xy location of the last vertex of the input lines.

String the GP tools together in a model and you've got yourself a handy tool.
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