Complex network problem (deliver beer in time!)

09-17-2015 11:22 AM
Esri Regular Contributor

Hello all

We have a complex network problem. I would like to know if anybody see a way to solve it using the network extension or know about any other tool (esri based) that can solve such a problem.

Here is a simple version of the problem:

We have 10 bars  that need to get a specific amount of beer barrels in specific time window.

We have 2 warehouses where we keep the barrels.

We have 3 drivers, each one leave in a different place and have a different track.

The drivers need to get to the warehouse, get the barrels and bring them to the bars on time.

The second half of the problem is very similar to the VRP algorithm, the problem is that we have the first half (what driver goes to what warehouse and when) that we cannot put into the CRP tool.

Anybody have a good idea?



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