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11-29-2012 10:43 AM
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I am working on a closest facility layer that uses about 7000 facilities.  I have tried using both the load locations tool and the Add Locations geoprocessing tool to add points into my facilities sublayer.  When I add in an incident location and hit solve it says "Processing "Facilities"" in the bottom left of the screen and it goes rather slowly through each facility before it will solve.  I have performed this same analysis in 9.3.1 and I never have seen that message and my solves go through fine.  Is there some way to help optimize the performance of the solve in 10.1 that I'm missing?
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What network dataset are you using?

It could be that some facilities are not reachable due to restrictions and with hierarchy off it could be taking a long time.
So if you have hierarchy off, then try by turning that off.

How many closest facilities are you solving for? If it is only a few then can you add a cutoff on distance, say 30 miles or minutes
and see if you get results?

Jay Sandhu
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