Closest facility not calculating the routes

05-22-2012 01:36 AM
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I have a problem in calculating routes: I have one facility and 651 incidents. The program starts calculating the routes but stops at 99 % and nothing happens after that, it just keeps loading... What could I do? With 200 incidents it worked just fine, but splitting the incidents file is not the best solution here, since I need to export the file to SPSS later on.  Thank you if anyone has a solution, (or maybe my computer just can't make it?)

BW, Elina
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You could split the file into smaller sections, then afterwards merge the files back into a single file before exporting it to be used in SPSS.
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What kind of network dataset are you using how far apart are the incidents from the facility. if they are far apart perhaps Hierarchy needs to be ON.

What kind of information do you need to transfer to SPSS? Is it just the total route lenght? If that is the case then use the OD Cost Matrix solver as it is simillar to the closest facility but does not write out the geometry of the routes in the end but will give you the network route lenghts.

Jay Sandhu
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