Closest facility is not working after adding more than 10 facilities

07-17-2012 09:39 AM
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i have written a javascript code for closest facility, but in my code if i add 10 facilities it is working perfectly but after adding one more facility it is not showing me any route.

I have around 430 facilities and i will have to add them all.

What should i do?

Pratik Mehta
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Esri Contributor

Here's a couple of questions to help narrow down what this issue might be:

Could you post your code so we can have a look at it? 
What service are you connecting to? 
What is your input data? 
Are you getting any error messages or warnings on solve?
Is there throttling on the service that limits the number of facilities?

Any additional information would help us work this out.  There is nothing inherent to the CF solver that would limit it to 10 facilities.

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