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04-21-2014 06:03 PM
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I am trying to solve for closest facility between hospitals and train stations in Chicago. I have 42 incidents (hospitals) and 145 facilities (stations). The street network in Chicago is my network dataset. When I solve for closest facility I receive this error:

Warning: No "Facilities" found for "115304" in "Incidents".

I took a look at that specific hospital, ID 115340, and there does not seem to be anything abnormal about the location. In fact, it is very close between two stations. Could it be that Network Analyst calculates the exact same distance for both stations, which is why it can not find a closest facility? Is there another reason why the analysis will not find a facility for this specific hospital?

Thank you!
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Generally that error means there is no path available to travel to/from that location. It could be due to restrictions such as one way or it could be some disconnected edges in the network.

Can you select that incident and add it to a service area layer as a facility and do a 5, 10 , 15 minute service area polygon. Do you get any results? You may want to turn on the service area lines in addition to the polygons. Alternatively you can put that as a stop in a route layer and try to find a path from it to another location in the network.

Jay Sandhu
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If there are no broken road/path segments or intersections, and the restrictions are OK, try the "Snap to Network" option when adding the incidents as locations.
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