Cannot create or add Network dataset

05-29-2018 02:42 AM
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I have a little problem. When I try to create a Network dataset in Arc Catalog, it aprears this error: " Could not create network dataset. Table was not found". But the same, when i want to add in ArcMap a existent Network dataset, this error occured" Error opening Network dataset. Table was not found".

This error apprear when I try to create a Network dataset.ERROR CREATING

This error apprear when I try to add a existent Network dataset.ERROR ADDINGERROR ADDING

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I suggest scrapping the use of a shapefile for the datasource of your network in favor of a file geodatabase feature class within a file geodatabse feature dataset.

That should just about do it....
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Are you able to add the shape file to ArcMap and draw it and open its attributes? Most likely there is something wrong with the shapefile data so that the network dataset functions are not working on it.

Jay Sandhu

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