Cannot connect all origins to destinations using OD cost tool

01-31-2019 07:08 PM
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Dear all,


I have read about different posts on "OD cost matrix : Not all lines solved" but I still cannot figure out some issues in my case. I am an ArcGIS newbie so please forgive me for this basic question.

So, I want to calculate the distance(meters) from 51 origins(the metro station entrances) to 11 destinations(hospitals).

The network is the road map, after I load locations and run, there are only some lines created(see fig.1 & fig.5). There are some "No destination" happened.

I will list some details for you all to check:

1. The origins and destinations are independent to the network, they are not on the line, just in the empty space(see fig.1). I use "Geometry" and set the tolerance to 50 meters(see fig.2) for both origins and destinations. I think that will make ArcGIS find the nearest road because most of the points are located, and there are no errors in origins and destinations.

2.The network I think is just a no restriction one, everything is the simplest. I also give the property in fig.3, I think in every road you can walk both side and it's fully connected. There are a "oneway" option but I remove it. Also, I give the attribute table of the road feature(see fig.4)

So the question is all the points are similar, but why only some of them can find the destination? It seems to me that those who can find destinations are randomly selected. I hope someone can help me. I use ArcGIS 10.5.

Thank you all,


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