Calculate the Closest Facility with Facilities Categorization (Facilities / Incidents Assignment)

05-07-2018 01:57 AM
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Dear community,

I´d like to calculate the shortest path between the residents of scholars / students (age 6 – 18) and the bus stops or the schools (Closest Facility Layer in Network Analyst).

Facilities: bus stops + schools

Incidents: residents of scholars / students


Not all of the facilities should be automatically considered as candidates due to age restrictions (e.g. for children age 6-10 only school types A, B, C as candidates; for children in the age 10-16 only school types A, D, F etc. …)

Neither in the properties of the facilities and incidents nor in the layer properties I can find a parameter which would fulfill this requirement.

Is it possible at all in the Network Analyst to set a parameter which allows that for each of the incidents only some facilities will be considered for the calculations?

My only idea is to split my FCs in different categories and calculate the CF for each of the alternative (e.g. type 1: facilities: bus stops + school type A, B, C // incidents: children 6-10

         type 2: facilities bus stops + schools A, D, F // incidents: children 11-15

         etc. …)

But this is very time-consuming and ineffective.

I know I can set restrictions for my network layer but I need this for facilities...

I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance.

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Unfortunately, there's no way to solve this all in one go. You'll have to run multiple analyses, as you've suggested.

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