Build Network Dataset using NAVTEQ Streets file.gdb and NAVTEQ Street process tool

04-23-2013 07:42 AM
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I'm using the NAVTEQ Street process tool to build the network dataset with the NAVTEQ file.gdb data. The tool was built before navteq changed their data delivery method. Previously NAVTEQ used to delivery the RDMS and CDMS data as csv files but now they are all part of the file.gdb

Did anyone tried to build the network dataset using the file.gdb data and NAVTEQ Street Process model? can you tell me which tables can be classified as RDMS. CDMS, Zlevel featureclass data?

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You are right, Navteq has changed the schema of Nasvtreets when they've moved to the file geodatabase. I am stilll using the shapefiles delivery to be able to run the Street Data Processing tools. Consider contacting your Navteq to rep to check if it is possbile to the same data in the shapefile format. This shouldn't be a problem I think.
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