ArcGIS Online & Custom network dataset (walking)

04-02-2014 06:11 PM
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Hey all,

I've created a custom network dataset for a walking path around a midway. It works perfectly on ArcGIS desktop. Now I want to do the same thing for ArcGIS Online. Can anyone point me in the direction of instructions for posting a network dataset, or creating one with the custom paths? I don't want the ArcGIS online function for networks of roads that is built in, rather to use the junctions and pathways that I have already created.

I've already uploaded the junctions via shapefile.

Edit: I'll specify that this is for a student Capstone project, showing proof of concept that ArcGIS online is capable of creating a custom walking network, as this particular midway changes year to year, and the company doesn't currently use...anything.

Edit some more: I'd like this to have a user have the GPS enabled on their phone, so they can for example, see how long it would take to walk to a certain exhibit or ride


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