Adding demand points in a location-allocation model

01-30-2012 06:12 AM
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I am attempting to create a model (in Model builder)which will allow me to conduct a maximize target share solution an varying numbers of demand points. My question is, how do you add demand points in a Model?    There is an object to, 'Add Locations but not a corresponding one for demand least not that I've found yet:-)

Has anyone come across this before?
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   Add Locations geoprocessing tool is a generic tool that can be used to load features to any sublayers within a network analysis layer. So it is the right tool to load Demand Points into the location-allocation layer. In your model after you use the MakeLocationAllocationLayer tool you need to connect the output layer as input to AddLocations tool. Then you will see the sublayer parameter populated with all the sublayers from the location-allocation layer. Now you can select Demand Points to load your features into demand points. You also need another AddLocations tool in your model to load your Facilities and finally you need the Solve tool.

Check the attached screenshot.

Hope this helps...
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Hello Deelesh,

Thank you for the answer you provided.  You are correct and this did indeed resolve my question.

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