Adding cost, speed and time attributes to network dataset

11-30-2021 09:48 PM
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Hello people,

I want to create a network dataset for the entire USA. I'm using tigerline roads geodatabase. I'm new to coding so I'm not sure how to assign attributes to the network. (speed, drivetime, etc for different types of roads.

Previously I did a network dataset for India with OSM data. I found a website where they gave the script for evaluators of those attributes. It worked.

Anyone, please suggest a website or any way how to do this.

Thank you.

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You should probably start with this tutorial so you can learn how networks are modeled and your various options for calculating network attributes:

Side note: We have found that the Tiger Line often isn't very good quality for creating a routable network and requires a lot of work. Depending on your needs and budget, the easiest thing for you to do might be to purchase Streetmap Premium, which includes an already-built high quality network dataset for the entire US.

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