Accumulation attributes for closest facilities analysis

11-08-2014 05:10 AM
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I am facing a problem to accumulate the turn penalty along the shortest routes in the closest facilities analysis. I have adopted the global turns in my network database and I added a default turn cost attributes via Global Turn Delay Evaluator. I firstly did service area analysis in which a total_turn field generated with right values, and this suggested that the accumulation in service area analysis worked fine. However, when it came to the closest facilities analysis, the so called total_turn generated but all featured with 0. This does not make sense. I have no idea why this happen because the computed global turn delay worked fine for accumulating the cost for routes of service areas, but failed in accumulating cost for each route between the incidents and facilities. Does any one know the reason and how to solve it?

PS: I use the sample dataset in the official tutorial document. This problem still existed.

Any help will be fully appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.

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