A Problem in creating a new network dataset

02-04-2011 05:36 AM
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Morning, all,

I tried to create a new network dataset (geodatabase-based) but failed. Below is what I did
(I am using ArcGIS 9.3.1).
1. Start ArcCatalog.
2. Click Tools and click Extensions.
3. Check Network Analyst.
4. Click Close.
5. Navigate to the feature dataset location in the Catalog tree.
6. Right-click an existing feature dataset (there are two feature classes, one is a point, the other street centerlines) point to New, now comes the problem,
Network Dataset is gray. I am not allowed start the wizard to create a new network dataset. Any suggestions?


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make sure you right-click on the Feature Dataset that contains the street centerlines to choose the option to New netword dataset. Detailed instructions are here:

If it is still grayed out then it is likely the geodatabase is locked by someone else for editing and you are unable to create anything new in it.

Jay Sandhu
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