Find Route Enhancements

12-19-2016 03:23 PM
Status: Open
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I have been working the the 'Find Route' tool over the last few weeks, and I was thinking that a few enhancements would be nice.  Having worked with ArcLogistics extensively, it had a few features that would make 'Find Route' a lot easier to work with.

  1. Ability to change stop properties prior to import
    1. Stop Duration
  2. Ability to use point attributes as stop labels
    1. Rather than using street addresses, we have found that using an address point works much better.  That being said, there are attributes in the address points that I would like to see displayed in the routing itself.  ArcLogistics was able to select attributes to display
  3. Ability to select from a range of stop points and have 'Find Route' assign a route to as many as it can fit in a given time frame (i.e. 6 hours)
    1. At this point the workflow is as follows:
      1. Select stops manually by area
      2. Manually set stop duration for each stop individually
      3. Create Route
      4. Add/remove stops as necessary to achieve desired time of routing
      5. Save Route
      6. Spatially join stop point data to route stops
      7. Export joined data
      8. Match joined data based on common fields in order to add data that is unique to our office and the function of the route
      9. Print Route

I understand that I am using the route function outside of it's intended use, but some of these features/functions could be simplified.  

Is the code for the 'Find Route' available in Github?

As always, thank you in advance for any and all insight, suggestions and solutions!

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