ArcSOC Optimizer - Enhancement Idea - Dedicated/Shared Instances

02-17-2021 08:44 PM
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I'd like to find out if there are plans to enhance ArcSOC Optimizer or whether it's a one-and-done release. I've recently done some work for a client to move a number of their map services over to shared instances. They have concerns that some of their map services that have currently been identified as low use (and subsequently been set to use shared instances) will gain popularity and eventually become mid to high use and no longer appropriate for using shared instances.

  1. If there is a roadmap for ArcSOC Optimizer, would it be possible to add the ability for it to:
    1. recommend whether a map service should be set to used shared or dedicated instances based on its usage patters; and
    2. be able to make the recommended changes
  2. If ArcSOC Optimizer is not being actively developed, does this sound like something that could be achieved via an an ArcGIS Optimizer extension


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Nice post David.  Team Esri, I have the same question.

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