ArcGIS Monitor Health Check Alert being triggered but health check is successful

04-29-2021 10:58 AM
Occasional Contributor

Our ArcGIS monitor instance keeps showing alerts for the 'Health Check' counter on two of our ArcGIS server sites. When I check the site at https://domanin:6443/arcgis/rest/info/healthcheck?f=pjson though, everything looks fine. I get the response:

{"success": true}

 The same response as our other ArcGIS sites that are not showing this alert.

The configuration of this alert in ArcGIS Monitor Administrator also looks exactly the same as the other site. When I test the configuration for the two issue servers there are no issues, and other counters seem to be reporting fine.

The two servers are both running ArcGIS Server 10.71

And ArcGIS Monitor is version 10.7.901

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