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01-28-2019 11:43 AM
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ArcGIS Monitor is a tool uniquely tailored to monitor the health of your ArcGIS implementations. In its latest release, it includes new Status page, Root Cause Analysis capabilities, and targeted reports for ArcGIS Server/Portal. New log counters and an API are also included. ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 makes you more productive.

Here’s what you can do:


Status summary

Quickly view the health status of your Enterprise GIS, Infrastructure, databases, and web Urls.

Explore Demo Site > Home tab


View Root Cause Analysis reports

Identify the sources of alerts and downstream impacts of the alert conditions for each 10 minute interval. Reduce investigation time of an alert or failure along with related downstream alerts and failures.

Explore Demo Site > RCA tab



Quickly parse log-severe, and log warning entries

With one click from the Alerts page, get detailed severe or warning entries for ArcGIS Server and Portal logs for the alert time. The more machines you have, the more time you will save investigating logs.

Explore Demo Site > Alerts tab



Run usage reports for ArcGIS Server and Portal

View unused services, and throughput (Tr/Sec), busy time per transaction (Sec), Log-Severe entries, and Log-Warnings for services. Quickly identify demanding services and they are logging errors.

 Explore Demo Site > Reports


Use API to extract alerts and availability stats

Get a standardized json output with info on alerts and availability statistics that can be integrated with other applications.

 Explore Demo Site > API

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