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07-05-2018 12:33 PM
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ArcGIS Monitor 10.6.1 includes new features and enhancements to make you more productive. Here’s what you can do:


Alerts filtering with links

Quickly filter and sort open or closed alerts with links to charts, statistics, and in some cases log details, or the source url. With one click, you can access severe or warning log entries for ArcGIS Server.

Explore Demo Site > Alerts tab

View current status icons

Use high-level status icons to quickly communicate collection status for managers. A count of healthy and unhealthy collections and count of alerts also help summarize the status more efficiently.

Explore Demo Site > Home tab

View availability status icons

Use high-level icons to quickly communicate the count of collections where availability is less than 99%. This allows administrators to focus on areas where availability was lowest for a time range.

Explore Demo Site > Availability tab

Monitor ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server

When using GeoAnalytics Server, view new counters including status, cores, and memory for Workers in the GeoAnalytics tab.

View Health Check counters

Quickly check the Health Check counter for a site obtained directly from the ArcGIS REST API. A Health Check counter was added for both ArcGIS and Portal counter types in the Categories > ArcGIS report. A value of zero indicates the site level url is healthy and a value of 1 indicates the site is unhealthy. The Health Check counter is separate from ArcGIS Server logs. A site url may be healthy but have service level errors in the logs.

Use Windows authentication for ArcGIS, Portal, and Http counter types

Conveniently use credentials of the Windows administrative users in the ArcGIS Server built-in store or Active Directory to authenticate for ArcGIS, Portal, and Http in both federated and non-federated environments. Secured ArcGIS Server services requiring a token can also use Windows authentication if the Windows user that is running the ArcGIS Monitor Service has authorization to access the target site or service. Either ArcGIS Server authentication or Web Tier authentication can be configured.

View International dates and number formats

Internationalization support was added for date, time, and number formats to improve the usability for international environments. Unicode support was added for the installation, configuration, and data viewing of non-English usernames, passwords, labels, and input text.

Lastly, 6 new videos are available for ArcGIS Monitor 10.6.1:


  1. ArcGIS Monitor Demo for Managers
  2. ArcGIS Monitor Demo for Administrators
  3. Understanding Availability
  4. Add Portal
  5. Add ArcGIS Server
  6. Add Http

Questions? Comment below and we'll get back to you soon!

Occasional Contributor

We are looking to upgrade to 10.6.1. Is this an in place upgrade or a complete uninstall reinstall? Thanks!

Esri Contributor

If you're using ArcGIS Monitor 10.6, upgrade to 10.6.1 is an in place upgrade. If you are using the old System Monitor 3.x tool, refer to the article How to upgrade from System Monitor to ArcGIS Monitor.

Occasional Contributor III

Hi Shree,  We currently do not have ArcGIS Monitor installed.  Our ArcGIS for Server site is version 10.4.  Can we install Monitor 10.6.1 and have it monitor our Server 10.4 site?  Thanks in advance, Jay

Esri Contributor

Hello Jay. Yes, you can monitor ArcGIS versions 10.2 and above. 

Occasional Contributor III

Thank you!

New Contributor

is monitor an additional purchase?

Occasional Contributor III

Yes, I believe Monitor is an additional cost.  Give your Esri account representative a shout.  To date, we have not moved forward with bringing Monitor into our platform.

Occasional Contributor


Is it possible to monitor services hosted in ArcGIS Online using AGS Monitor 10.6.1? Such as feature services in AGOL? Is it possible using the Add HTTP option?



Occasional Contributor

Hi Apurv,

Yes, it's possible to monitor ArcGIS Online services in ArcGIS Monitor 10.6.1 using the HTTP counter.

Best Regards,


Occasional Contributor

Hello John,

As per the link given below, it mentions choosing the Request Type(under HTTP) as ArcGIS Token. Then put the URL you want to monitor in the "Url" box and enter the Token URL for ArcGIS Server as well as adding the ArcGIS Server admin credentials in the "Add Credentials".


In order to monitor ArcGIS Online services, what would be the token URL format and what credentials should be added here? Especially for the services which are accessible within the organization?

Thank you for your assistance.



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