ArcGIS Monitor for Managers – System Availability, Usage, and Performance

04-01-2019 07:00 AM
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For GIS Managers, maintaining the health of the GIS implementations is critical to keep it running smoothly. Tracking system availability, usage and performance, and proactively managing outages while providing the level of service as expected from an enterprise GIS is a given.


ArcGIS Monitor is specifically designed to monitor ArcGIS implementations by providing timely and insightful metrics, thereby maximizing your GIS investment. Monitor allows you to proactively assess and optimize hardware and GIS software resources to determine growth and justify use of current resources as well as need for additional resources.


System Availability

Availability is the amount of uptime during a given time span—such as a month or a year—and is expressed as a percentage of time. This number, for example 99.9% available, is very important to know for Service Level Agreement (SLA) in your organization.



Managers would also need to look at the usage patterns of your ArcGIS enterprise deployment. You can take advantage of usage statistics such as load balancer and ArcGIS Server transactions to answer what services and data is in demand by customers. These metrics help managers in capacity planning and understanding applications or services usage at different time periods. 



Managers can review reports that quantify system resource utilization and detect unused services that are consuming resources unnecessarily. For example, busy time per transaction (sec) metric help pinpoint specific service name that is consuming a lot of CPU. These reports and metrics enable managers to optimize their enterprise GIS deployments.


This video demonstrates the above mentioned key features.

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