ArcGIS Mission Manager not communicating with ArcGIS Mission Responder for device

01-15-2021 03:29 AM
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Hello Community,

I have had a question. I created Missions and having incorporated users but when I sign in with one imaginary user it refuses. It tells that the server may not be responding or we have encountered an Unexpected error and gives notification Peer to peer is inactive. I have A map offline enabled on portal with also an offline area created. After the first error, it shows also that No maps areas available while I have it. When I click on the mission you can use while connected, it says the mission map is unavailable while offline. What is the problem?What I can do? I think there is a certain misconnection on the server. The screenshots below shows the error of two following errors said above the second and third @DarronPustam @PatrickOBrien @PatrickOBrien1 @KerryRobinson @KerryRobinson1 @Anonymous User  

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