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What's New in ArcGIS Mission 11

07-21-2022 07:40 AM
Esri Contributor
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ArcGIS Mission is an all-inclusive command and control software that streamlines operations while providing teams tactical situational awareness of an operating environment. As operations evolve, mission members receive real-time updates, mission-relevant taskings, and have the ability to submit critical intelligence from the field providing decision makers with the most up-to-date information to assure resources are where they need to be when they need to be there. 

ArcGIS Mission 11.0 continues to improve team operations with new capabilities and enhancements like:

  • Dark Mode enabled for Mission Responder to increase the safety of your team in the field with. 
    Trying to keep a concealed profile during a low-light operation is a difficult task when a bright screen is accessed. ArcGIS Mission now provides a way to accomplish both with a newly designed “Dark Mode” experience on both Mission Manager and Responder. 
  • Dynamic map editing during an active mission.
    With the addition of map editing tools in the mission analyst view, features can now be directly edited during an active mission. This includes editing positions, text and number fields, adding data, or deleting data, which gives users more control over their missions.  
  • Deep linking for a better Responder app user experience.
    Through deep linking, accessing a Responder app notification is simplified. Tapping on the notification will now take the user directly into the message or report that generated it, within the app. This streamlines the process providing a more streamlined experience for field responders. 

Read about all the new enhancements and features of ArcGIS Mission 11 on the ArcGIS Blog.


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