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What's New in ArcGIS Mission 11.1

04-27-2023 01:24 PM
Esri Contributor
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ArcGIS Mission is an Esri enterprise product that can meet a wide-ranging array of organizational needs. From daily safety and security operations centered around a focused area to the management of a large-scale event, ArcGIS Mission provides a constant information flow between command-based entities and field-based responders. Through positional relay of all individuals participating in a mission, customizable mission-specific reports, multi-directional communication between all members of a mission, and dispatching and tasking capabilities from the command group to responders, ArcGIS mission can help your missions run smoother.

Additionally, since ArcGIS Mission is connected to ArcGIS Enterprise, anyone conducting and running a mission has constant access to their organization’s historical data combined with new data from field-based responders feeding into this same system in real time. This data can be utilized to build dashboards and fuel other applications within the ArcGIS ecosystem.

Below are just a few exciting updates you will experience in ArcGIS mission 11.1. Take a closer look at all the new enhancements and features of this release in the ArcGIS Blog post. 

Landscape Mode

Our team worked hard to put more map in the palm of our Responders hands. With a simple rotation of the phone, the screen adjusts from portrait to landscape mode providing greater surface area for chats, reporting, tasking, and overall operational view for a more comfortable operating experience.


Landscape mode provides users with more screen area to conduct mission activitiesLandscape mode provides users with more screen area to conduct mission activities


Callsigns and Phone Numbers

In ArcGIS Mission 11.1 we introduce Member Details Configuration that allows the addition of a callsign and phone number assignment interface. Admins can download then populate a CSV template with the existing portal username, call sign, 2-letter country code, area code and phone number. Once uploaded, information will be appended to the user’s persona and appear in their bio card. 


The admin settings interface makes configuring mission easyThe admin settings interface makes configuring mission easy


Mission Bio Cards Quickly Provide Key Information

With the introduction of Member Bio Cards, key participant information like skillsets, certifications, aliases or callsigns, and phone number that has been shared in the organizations portal is now available while planning and running a mission. Managers can select a person’s persona from the participants’ panel and start a chat or assign a task directly from the Bio card. If a phone number is associated with that member, Responders in the field on a mobile device can call that mission members directly with just a tap.


Members bio information is supplied with the click of a profile.Members bio information is supplied with the click of a profile.

Mission Bio Cards on responder show fellow mission members pertinent information.Mission Bio Cards on responder show fellow mission members pertinent information.

What could top all that?

We have also expanded report options, Mission deletion options, Labeling capabilities, Unique Value Styling, Web Tier Authentication and full PKI support, Quick Capture Integration and more!
Read all about it in the blog.


Your input is valuable, connect with us here on the Esri Community to share your ideas, feedback, and comments, and look out for the upcoming release!

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