Sports Stadium / Google Search Chrome Extension

03-18-2016 01:17 PM

Sports Stadium / Google Search Chrome Extension

Hey everybody,

Inspired by this I decided to create my own Google Chrome Extension.

In my extension, whenever you open a new Tab, it will create an interactive leaflet map of a random NFL or MLB stadium. I have included a google search box, which will make it easy to use this as your starting page.

You are also able to add "shortcut buttons" to some of the more popular social web pages (twitter, facebook, gmail...).

If you are a die hard fan of a certain NFL, MLB or CFB team, you can always open a new Tab just to your team.

You can find my extension HERE!

I explain (pretty pictures) the extension better HERE!

If you like it please rate it, share it and let me know what you think

In progress:

Adding Links to Logos

Fixing some Wiki links

Upgrading to newest ESRI Leaflet version

Things for the future:

- NBA & NHL teams

- World Soccer stadiums

- More college teams

- Create your own shortcut buttons

- Show teams standing in the rankings

Latest Update: I have added logos and team names to the map. Added Google News button.

Here is also a link to the previous discussion: Sports Stadium / Google Search Chrome Extension



Ugh, I converted it to a document and now all the comments are gone

Wow......this is super cool!

Thanks Tim.

Can you just link back to the discussion page?

Sports Stadium / Google Search Chrome Extension

I put the link in my post, thanks for the suggestion!

Adrian WelshRickey Fite​ I am thinking about adding google suggestions to the search bar, what do you guys think?

How would it look? I mean, can you maybe put it on so that we can look at it and decide then? And let me know if you would want/need any assistance with college stadiums and such!

I think that would be a great addition!  I can add more stadiums if you would like today.

If you create a jsfiddle (or something like that) with the current list of colleges we can edit and keep adding.


What about adding street view option?

Google Maps

Google Maps

I'll see if I can create a document either here or on github.

Adrian WelshRickey Fite​ I have created a github document where you can add stadiums Stadiums/stadiums.js at master · timw1984/Stadiums · GitHub

I like this idea.  I will probably add a button below the stadium descriptions.

I found another view that would be amazing! I am not sure it can work with the way you have the script written and I know it would not work for all the stadiums.

Google Maps

I could create a field with a link to a street view and the feed it to the street view button.

The link did not work.

I am sure whatever you come up with will be great!

Adrian Welsh​ Google suggestions is now live. Let me know what you think!

This looks great! I like where this is heading!

I have added all MLS teams, next up I think I will add some team logos and names.

Adrian WelshRickey Fite​ I am working on adding team logos and names, what do you think about the positioning? Or would it look better adding it above the search bar?


I think that is a good location!

Could you post a screen shot of the logo above the search bar?

Here it is:


I like the first one, where the logo is in the bottom corner.

I agree!

I agree with both of y'all! It looks nicer in the corner. It gets a little too busy when it is over the search bar. Nice work, Tim! I love seeing this progress (and still want to 'help' but am having a hard time finding the time, sorry!).

I agree and I will move forward with bottom left.

I love the logo!

I love the logo!

Glad you like it! Next I will add links to the teams homepage when you click on the logo.

Just checking in to see if anybody has any ideas of what else can be added?

That is neat! I'll definitely look if I can get that in.

Agreed. 3D is way cool. Though Reser Stadium looks much better than the half-blown-up Kyle Field...,-96.3402911,253a,20y,68.64t/data=!3m1!1e3

Currently it shows that 27 people are using the extension. Anybody have any idea where I could post the extension to get more exposure?

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