Use two cameras at the same time

06-28-2022 12:59 AM
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I'm trying to use two cameras at the same time with the ArcGIS SDK for Unity, and I'm getting the following errors:


One camera is rendering to Display 1 and the other one to Display 2. I'm using a Normal project converted to HDRP and Unity 2021.3.4f1. I have tried to create an empty scenery, add the ArcGIS map and add two cameras using the menu ArcGIS offers for it, with the same result.


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Esri Contributor

You can only have one active ArcGISCamera component in the scene at the same time. The ArcGISCamera component controls what we render. So if you want to have 2 cameras you can have one with the ArcGISCamera and the other can be a standard Unity Camera. 

That error message can be improved upon so I'll make an issue for us to resolve that.

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