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Spawning an object at ground level given lat/long

06-28-2023 12:38 AM
New Contributor

Hi there,


I'm using the ArcGIS Unity SDK v1.2.0 in Unity 2021.3.15f1 on URP, running on Windows 11.

I wanted to know if there is a way to spawn a Gameobject on the map's ground level, given latitude and longitude coordinates only, without needing to raycast to the exact position.

I've seen the examples in the samples project on Github (here) that spawn markers at ground level when clicking on the map, which I understand uses a raycast to hit the map mesh (such as the Measure and Routing sample scenes). However this doesn't work for what I'd like to achieve.


From what I've seen in other posts, there currently is no API URL available to retrieve the elevation at a point (lat/long) from ArcGIS. Is there any other solution to this that provides elevation data compatible with the default ArcGIS basemap and elevation source?

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