Issues with low quality elevation and building data

03-22-2023 01:46 PM
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Hello! I'm trying to get the Unity sdk working to be able to transport the user to different environments based on areas of interest they are exploring as part of the application. I have the sdk connected and working, but it seems the elevation and map data are pretty low quality and it isn't clear where to find building models for different areas that have textures and aren't just blank blocks. Is there a setting I need to adjust or a source to find to be able to get higher quality results? The scenes shown in the different demos look much nicer so I'm wondering if there is just something I'm missing or doing wrong. I'm just using mostly the default settings, with the default base map and elevation maps and just pointing to the City of Cambridge building files. 


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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

Your workflow is correct. Sounds like you're just not using high quality data. You can find data in these two places: and The layer section in our documentation list steps you can take to look for data Just be aware that we don't always have high quality data for some areas. 

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