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Initializing the map is too slow

08-08-2023 02:55 AM
New Contributor II

The initialization of the map is too slow, the initialization is successful only about 4s, and before the initialization is successful, the longitude and latitude conversion algorithm will be called abnormally

public static Vector3 GetUnityPosFromLatlon(ArcGISPoint latLon)
var cartesianPosition = arcGISMapComponent.View.GeographicToWorld(latLon);
Vector3 result = hPRoot.TransformPoint(cartesianPosition).ToVector3();

// Check for NaN values
if (float.IsNaN(result.x) || float.IsNaN(result.y) || float.IsNaN(result.z))
Debug.LogWarning("GetUnityPosFromLatlon returned NaN. Returning default value.");
return; // Return a default value (0, 0, 0) in case of NaN

return result; // Return the calculated result


public static ArcGISPoint GetLatLonFromUnityPos(Vector3 vec)

var worldPosition = hPRoot.InverseTransformPoint(vec.ToDouble3());
ArcGISPoint result = arcGISMapComponent.View.WorldToGeographic(worldPosition);
if (double.IsNaN(result.X) || double.IsNaN(result.Y) || double.IsNaN(result.Z))
Debug.LogWarning("GetLatLonFromUnityPos returned NaN. Returning default value.");
return new ArcGISPoint(0,0,0); // Return a default value (0, 0, 0) in case of NaN
return result;


Can you tell me why it's taking so long to initialize

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