ArcGIS Unity Plotting Starter Pack

05-22-2023 10:24 AM
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Hey Guys,

I just made an ArcGIS starter pack for plotting gameobjects. So, if anyone wanted to try it be my guess.
You can go to

Here's a brief description:

A Starter Pack for anyone starting out on ArcGIS in Unity that I build during my spare time.

The pack includes:

  1. MapManager (For Getting Coordinates based using RaycastHit)
  2. MarkerManager (To Create or Delete Marker)
  3. Plotting System (To Plot the marker based on a certain info or location)
  4. Metadata (A kind of list system that I created to easy myself in searching for the children on GameObjects)
  • Note:
  • You need your own API from ArcGIS to use this pack
  • I understand that there is some error in this code such as the marker wont instantiated exactly where the mousePosition is at, etc. I am still searching on where the problem lies because my project from before does not have any error using this pack. But hey, it's free so try solving the problem yourself.
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