2 maps side by side, different layers

01-03-2023 08:15 AM
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I'm trying to create two maps side by side in sync, but with different layers.

I basically just duplicated the components of the API sample scene, and set the cameras viewport to 1/2 screens

The issue I'm running in to is the Cameras both show all information because the maps are forced to "default" unity layer. My normal approach is to set a layer, and in the camera culling mask set it to show that layer.

However the ArcGIS map data seems to always renderer to "default" layer, and ignores the layer name I set the game object to.

So what you see in this test image:

(note this is game view w split cameras, not scene view+game view)

Map1 component and camera calls for satellite images and displays at the first half of the screen.

Map2 component and camera calls for street images and displays at the second half of the screen.

Data will only show up when the camera is rendering "default" layer, and both maps force to default layer. So now both maps show both sets of map layers

note I am using arcgisdk 1.0 and didnt update to the new release yet















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We currently don't support rendering 2 different maps at once. 

As for the layer mask they are being rendered too you would have to modify our plugin to achieve that

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