Creating a link in a pdf to a specific page

09-20-2021 06:18 AM
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My apologies I but this is the best place I could find for the question.

We still have some crews with a need for a digital pdf map book as some areas of our service territory have poor data connections in the field.

We generate a pdf map book.  The cover page index  has links I created to jump to a specific page/bookmark in the PDF.

I also added a help email address and used the "Auto Create Web Links from URL" to create the link to email.

What I would like to know is if anyone knows the URL code to link to individual pages. So I could make them as labels in ArcGIS Pro so when generated I can use the auto create to generate the internal links.

in Word it would be something like an href 

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Informational update.  I figured out how to create a label that can be converted to a url automatically in a PDF

I can the replace the pages with fresh copies and retain the links.  However, the only drawback is it opens a new instance of the same 

Here is a snip of the url  I used that works.


The trick was to have the URL in there as a URL and as the Title 

Any suggestions to try that will allow me to do it without opening a new instance of the PDF would be great.




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