Is there a setting I can change to the set the default font for text that is synced?

08-22-2021 12:43 PM
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First of all, I want to thank Madhura Phaterpekar for helping me solve my KML sync issues!

I have been successfully building a statewide county node network map using US TIGER road shapefiles. When a file syncs, M4CC sets all text fonts to ArialUnicodeMS*. I don't have that font installed on my windows 10 64x cpu. I would like to know if there is any way to set the sync font to a family that I do have?

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Hi @MikelSavage 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As you might have noticed that we moved this post to an idea. It's a great idea for the product to support in future.

For now (& you probably already do this), an alternate is to use the 'Resolve Missing Fonts' dialog to batch replace the missing fonts in your Illustrator document. If this dialog does not open automatically when a file is opened then it can also be accessed from the Type > Resolve Missing Fonts option. 'Find Fonts' button will allow you change the fonts to something installed on your System.